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Top 3 Things to Think About When Entering International Real Estate Market

Not that many years ago, realtors did not have the means and information the Internet now provides for them, to reach international real estate market players.

The business of dealing international real estate is ever-increasing, mostly attributed to the connectivity of our society and the Internet.

Astounding to many would be the fact that ten percent of the overall sales of real estate in the US is tied to international clientele. Likewise total sales statistics in 2017 are showing a pattern deserving of your consideration for the reason that they are escalating by nearly fifty percent every single year totaling more than $150 billion. Such numbers are sourced from the National Association of Realtors and should be regarded a fantastic barometer of what the potential future is holding for real estate sales to foreign buyers.

By far the most appealing component to working with international clients, from the real estate agent’s viewpoint, is transactions involving an international buyer have a tendency to return higher commissions. A different thought here is the point that lots of international investors are high net-worth individuals trying to grow their wealth by simply making wise opportunities outside their nation of origin.

Robert is a realtor in Nayarit Mexico who had this to say.

We’ve found that almost always, our foreign buyers spend more money with the US leading, while Canada and Europe trail at slightly lower budgets to spending on their homes in paradise.

Even so getting in to this valuable marketplace is challenging.

Getting noticed by promising international buyer prospects is complex and can entail additional problems including language limitations that domestic trades just don’t face.

One example is, China — a nation with a vastly differing culture, language and marketplace protocol than the U.S. — reigned over the USA international market with $75.6 billion in activity in 2017, almost half of all USA real estate sold to international investors that year.

Let’s talk about the best way to enter this segment of the real estate market.

CPROP is a blockchain-energized electronic transaction management system intended to help agents improve and manage long distance transactions.

The startup employs blockchain to authenticate and document activities pertaining to deeds and closing paperwork. In addition, it intends to construct a robust, user-vetted trained network by providing its utility tokens to buyers and sellers who will also leave scores and recommendations of the real estate agents, brokers and professionals they employ on the system.

Nowadays the real estate sector relies to a great extent on technology through the overall trans-actional processes from start to finish. We are going to present a few ways any real estate professionals can get in to this market component.

Enlist In A Transparent International Console

Selecting to focus on international real estate investors and vendors in one thing but making a success of it is something different entirely. You should not be thinking you’re going to be getting rich right away rather than extensively searching where on the Web these communities may well exist. Once you’ve discovered them you’ll have to hedge in and gain trust within the international real estate trader network.

Remember also that given your platform also provides automatic translations, this could certainly be a great value.

Don Halbert, a realtor in Costa Rica, said this…

The number one priority of anyone looking to get in to selling/buying international real estate should be to learn at least the language for which country they are based in. Being able to speak with locals about the real estate you represent is critical.

Think Reliability And Stability

A long-distance offer, predominantly amongst individuals in different countries, could possibly be a course for miscommunication plus, to some degree, being cheated.

That may be why brokers wanting to establish their international deal flow require a platform to facilitate these deals with security and trust systems inclusive to the platform.

One of the most effective methods to protect transactions lies with blockchain tech. Block chain permits real estate contracts to generally be so greatly encrypted that helps prevent any changes be undiscovered.

At the same time, agencies can use intelligent contracts to execute escrow, that provides a secure approach for home buyers to put up serious money.

Seek Trustworthy, Efficient Cooperation

There is certainly no questioning the difficulty in closing even a local contract but when you get started on dealing with international investors and sellers you’ll find a whole lot of more hurdles you will have to traverse including language barriers.

Grasping the moving parts to your unfinished clients, leads and contracts is crucial to your triumph. Are you aware of the realtime standing of any individual in your pipe right now? If you don’t you ought to.

An electronic transaction administration program developed for international transactions that walks individuals through every step of the closing process are often very beneficial here. Let’s be realistic, any real estate broker working with international prospective buyers and vendors could take advantage of an all-encompassing SaaS app that not only makes easier communications but also ensures security for each sides.

Alejandro is a reputable realtor in Costa Rica who also spearheads that country’s top agency, Costa Rica Real Estate dot COM (CRREC), has stated that since first exploring using crypto-currency in real estate deals there, they have seen an enormous spike in investor interest. For many reasons however the principle being security. Purchasing real estate outside the US/Canada can be a minefield and anything that can help ease those concerns is a welcome tool that needs to be explored further.

Well all is said and done we now know that with the combination of utilizing crypto currency and SaaS solutions, international real estate can blossom.


4 tips for negotiating a property deal

If you are looking for a home to buy, you should know that you do have some scope to negotiate your deal. You will have to ask for it. But you should remember the following things before negotiating a property deal.

Do thorough research

You should learn about the property market first. You must know the price of similar houses in the neighborhood so that you can negotiate. If you know how much a certain property is worth, then you will be able to confidently reject a house that is overpriced. It will help you to give a counter offer as well.

Know your limits

You should know both your upper and lower limits. Knowing how much you can afford to buy a house will help you to negotiate. This way you can negotiate a good price for a house.


Don’t assume anything

Before buying a house you should go for the house inspection. You may find some faults. In that case, you can either ask the seller to repair the fault or negotiate the price of the house. But there is no guarantee that the seller will reduce the price of the house or will do any expensive repair. So, don’t assume that you may get a lower price for a house that needs repair works.

Negotiate fast

If you like a particular property in the market, then you should move fast. The properties in the market sell really fast. So, if you don’t negotiate quickly, you may not get the property you like.

You must remember these tips before buying a house. These will help you to get a better deal for the property you want.

4 ways a real estate agent can help you in property search

People find lots of information on properties online. They often think that they can search for the right property themselves. But buying property is actually a very complex process. You should take the advice of a real estate agent before buying properties. Here are some of the ways a real estate agent can help you find the perfect house for you.

They have the expertise

The real estate agents have experience in the property market for many years. They know about all the hidden truths about the market. They can help you buy or sell a property without any hassle. They ensure that the process goes on smoothly.

The can search well

You won’t be able to search for properties like the real estate agents can do. They have a huge database of properties. They also have a separate database for special properties that are usually not listed in many property sites. So, you won’t get access to these properties unless you go to a real estate agent.

They deal with all the paperwork

The real estate agents take care of everything. They first tell you what papers you need to set a deal. Then they help you in collecting and processing those papers. They will help you from finding the right mortgage to finally securing the deal.

They help in negotiation

The real estate agents help you in negotiating the deal. The price that is mentioned is negotiable. You can also negotiate the terms and conditions. The real estate agents are expert negotiators.

If you are looking for a property or thinking of selling one, you should get in touch with a real estate agent. Your work will be very convenient and you won’t face any problem during the entire process.

3 reasons why home staging is important for selling home


When people think of buying a home, they like to imagine themselves living in that home. When a person goes for a house inspection, he or she should be impressed with the house. Here are three reasons for staging your home.

Making the home more appealing

The professional stagers are experts in decorating homes. They understand the buyers’ preference and they are able to change different aspects of the house accordingly. They know what sells and what doesn’t. They can make the house more appealing to the buyers.

Quickly selling home

There are professional stagers who can transform your home into something you have never imagined. It can turn your simple home into something very attractive. So, your home will stand out from the rest of the market. Your home will be sold quicker than the other houses in the market.

Increasing the value of your home

If you stage your home, you can negotiate with the prospective buyer and sell the house at a higher price. Staging home is less expensive than renovating it. So, you can increase the value of your home by staging it.

The first thing the home stagers do is remove everything that’s personalized. They make the house appealing to a wide number of audiences. So, home staging can attract more buyers and you will have more room to negotiate. So, before selling your home, hire a professional stager to stage your home.